Performing Arts NEEDS Crowdfunding: Here’s the Simple Reason


The one simple reason that your group is missing the boat if you DON’T schedule a crowdfunding campaign comes down to – “IT’S EASY.”

When you add up the potential for large dollars, and compare against the time it takes to build and execute a campaign (the right way, using the FansRaise system helps!), there just isn’t a better way to raise a large chunk of money with low stress.

The reason for this is that the real work actually comes from the student participants, but it only amounts to a few minutes of actual thought to pinpoint 10-20 potential donor contacts. In the aggregate, the total list of potential donors grows extremely quickly, and ensures that your campaign is placed in front of the right eyes – those most likely to donate and support your organization.

If you are planning your band fundraising for the fall, a FansRaise campaign (propelled by your students) will take the pressure off of your boosters. Schedule it now and be ready to roll-out at the band camp (or earlier) so you have the funds you need for the season!




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