3 Reasons That Performing Ensembles Raise 417% More Money With FansRaise


Performing ensembles around the United States are quickly figuring out that crowdfunding campaigns that are efficient and customized produce amazing results for marching bands, drum and bugle corps, indoor performing ensembles, theater and drama programs.


We compared groups that are utilizing our system for group and ensemble crowdfunding compared against groups that are not following our model (meaning they are using the bare bones of our platform, but not closely following our best practice guidance, not utilizing participant contacts and relying on a basic ‘donation page only’).

Now – understand the EVERY group that uses FansRaise raises money (nobody has put up a ‘goose egg’), but those that commit to following our roadmap do EXTREMELY WELL as compared to those that just “sort-of” follow our suggestions.


There are 3 reasons that music programs, bands, drum corps, indoor performing ensembles, and various miscellaneous arts programs are finding new levels of success:


(I).  Performing Groups Are Typically Accustomed to Following the Conductor (or director, or leader, etc)…

When campaigns are led from the top-down, the results are better. Your band director, choir director, or arts-educator-in-charge is in the business of getting the best out of his/her performers. Especially within school-based ensembles and programs, students will respond if the individual who is in charge off the campaign is the actual person in charge of the program in general.

The FansRaise platform requires very little WORK on the part of the educator or administrator, and the dashboards illustrate progress and student engagement, helping you focus on the things that are most important.



(II). High-Performing Ensembles Expect the Best From Themselves, ON & OFF the Field/Stage…

We’ve been fortunate to work with the elite of the elite, from the world of Drum Corps International, Winter Guard International, to nationally-recognized high school music programs. Many notable arts programs that are well known as household names around their respective activities are showing us one important fact:

“Groups that do “BIG things” well focus on the little things first.”

As a former band director, I was often asked about how my groups improved so quickly and radically. Some of it had to do with talent, but in large part when my students learned that a great performance begins with how we pack and ride the bus, and how we approach the competition warm-up in the parking lot, everything changed. Fundraising and program operations is completely the same thing.



(III).  Organizational Culture Needs to Be Built On Equal Accountability…

Groups that culturally expect a certain level of follow-through from each participant (and family) are usually set up better for success on every level, and fundraising is no different.

This mindset plays in well with organized and structured group crowdfunding, where there is an “ask” of each student, the the participants step up to the plate and do their best. As opposed to optional fundraising such as bake sales, product sales, raffles, etc, a crowdfunding campaign brings all hands-on-deck for the effort. Those efforts in the aggregate can be astounding, just as that developing musician comes across differently when performing on the large football field with dozens and dozens of additional musicians.

Keep in mind that the effort from each student is MINIMAL – 10-15 minutes of actual thought is all that’s required to be successful.


Do you direct, lead, or support a committed and top-echelon performing ensemble?

Are you looking for an easier and more efficient fundraising method than everything else you’ve tried?


Then you need to be taking a close look at FansRaise. Download our $10,000 Blueprint below for a closer look at our model:


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