The Delicate Balance of Planning Band Fundraisers


We’ve discussed at length all of the considerations and the thought process band booster organizations should go through when planning and vetting potential band fundraisers.

But in reality, the ultimate balance on fundraising really becomes – “How much can we make versus how much work/stress/hassle is involved?”


  • Who actually DOES THE WORK? If your program typically relies on parent and booster “elbow grease” to make fundraisers work, do you have time for another campaign? 

FansRaise creates a student-driven campaign that takes very little effort on the kids’ behalf, but teaches ownership, teamwork, and responsibility.

  • Does the campaign involve lots of legwork? Is it time-consuming, and could it impact rehearsal logistics?

FansRaise can be set up quickly and easily, and campaigns deliver amazing results quickly.

  • Does the potential earnings equate to the time involved?

Many groups are reporting tremendous results with very little effort. By creating a more strategic approach to marketing and promoting the campaign, ensembles are earning more money with less effort.

When I ran a high school music program, I tended to favor band fundraisers that were more parent-focused and allowed the kids to focus primarily on “music, performance, dots and diddles”. At that time, there was no crowdfunding, and certainly nothing available online that can offer what FansRaise offers directors and band boosters.


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