Getting ready for our Beta Testing – What is beta”?”

This is an exciting time for “Team FansRaise”.  As I mentioned previously, we are putting some finishing touches in place, but as of right this moment we have a fully functioning platform.  This is due in part to the dedication and perseverance of the development team, which at this time is probably too up-to-their-elbows in code in order to read this.


We have a couple of groups already committed to participating in our beta, and having a few groups come through the platform and play with it is extremely useful.  WE know where the switches and levers are, and we can knock around the room without the lights on because we know where everything is within the platform.


Beta Testing is the initial external testing of a platform by folks that are outside of the company.  Our internal testing is called “Alpha”, and we’ve tested things every which way to Sunday at this point.


With new groups coming through for the first time – it will test the interface in some different ways that we cannot recreate….


  • Will it be as easy to use as WE think it is?
  • Does the workflow make sense?


I believe the answer is (mostly/probably) “YES”, but someone on the outside is going to need to confirm that belief.  What I can guarantee for certain is that the payment gateway is completely secure and that there is enough functionality in place to run a very strong campaign right away.


By controlling the number of groups coming through for the first round, we can (if necessary) hand-carry certain parts of the workflow if all else fails.


If you have a performing group looking for a springtime fundraising crowdfunding campaign and would like to help test drive the platform, please email me and we can take a look at your goals together.  I would love another group or two to help pave the way, plus your members will always be able to count themselves among the first to see the early version of the platform.  


Could you imagine how cool it would be to be able to say that you were one of the first successful sellers on eBay in 1995, or Amazon in 1994?  (Not that I expect that we’ll ever scale to that level, but it’s fun to dream, right?)


So reach out if you’ve got an idea for a crowdfunding campaign, and you’d like to be an early adopter.

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