Quick Update on a Busy Weekend

I’m typing this from a brewpub, laying over between watching the Crossmen rehearse and before heading all the way up to DCI in Allentown PA.




I wanted to just put a few thoughts down, and my hope is that this doesn’t turn into a ramble too badly…

1)  I am extremely thankful for the notes, emails, texts, and other well-wishes over the past few weeks as FansRaise has gathered momentum. There is much work to do, but we are all confident that we’re onto something great here.

2)  It’s becoming apparent that any product or service that can save directors and booster supporters time and energy is a good thing. We firmly fall into that category.

3)  When things ‘glitch’ a little bit, I find that I am probably my own biggest enemy. I suppose all of the years of trying to teach/perform to levels of perfection have now translated into business, and I know I need to sometimes not expect too much perfection too soon.

4)  It is amazing how the performing arts can cement lifelong friends. I spent a big chunk of the afternoon with a husband and wife couple that I used to march with over 25 years ago (their teenage daughter was there too). It was as if we were in our late-teens and nothing had changed. It underscores how important the performing arts are with developing interpersonal skills and relationships.

5)  I have heard of so many programs with cut budgets, reductions in contracts, or other drastic changes that will alter the studnets’ experience recently. It hurts my soul a little bit everytime I encounter such a scenario.

6)  Band boosters that are trying to continually get ‘blood from a stone’ over and over again with the same old tired fundraising tactics – please take a moment to think outside the box!


And lastly –

I think that in the end, all band boosters and band directors all want the same things – to provide the best experiences possible for the students. Let’s keep the primary goal in mind as we all try to work together to make that happen!




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