Your Friday FansRaise Tip – Facing Skepticism


Whenever you try to do something a little out of the norm, skeptics are likely to find you…


Often times, organizations that are supported by booster parent groups or perhaps Boards of Directors (in the case of Independent ensembles) fall into a cycle of thinking. Institutionally, there becomes a belief in the notion “This is the way we’ve always done this.” It’s a safe bet that just about EVERY group fights this tendency.

The point here is that if you do the same thing over and over again – don’t be surprised when your results are the same (or slightly diminished).

Think about it – when have you been a part of a group trying to make a decision? Someone volunteers an idea, and someone else invariably tries to shoot it down because they see it differently at best, or at worst just because they didn’t think of it first!

This is your opportunity to isolate the real reservation, and once that issue has been spoken for – your path ought to be clear.

EXAMPLE – in the context of FansRaise, lets say someone within your booster group HATES the idea of an email-driven fundraiser, because the last time his/her little league did it, people started receiving odd marketing emails from another company out of the blue.

You could say something along the lines of, “So if we can clarify this point regarding emails, will you support this fundraiser for the kids?”

(When they say “Of course” – you’ve won, because you have isolated that issue into a single point, for which you can provide an answer.

Answers to this would include:

  • FansRaise does not share your contacts’ email info with an external 3rd parties.
  • Email protection is a serious issue, which is why ONLY your student participants will see the email addresses that they enter. Directors, Org administrators, and even ME as CEO cannot access those emails within the platform.
  • We will only email your student participants and their associated contacts within the auspices of your active campaigns.


If you can boil the hesitancy down to one issue (or small set of issues), it then becomes much easier to build that consensus and move forward.

One thing that everyone can agree on – our performing arts students need all of the support and resources that they can get. FansRaise was developed for performing ensembles as a way to fundraise MORE funds QUICKER and EASIER than ever before. Ensembles around the United States are using FansRaise.



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