Your Friday FansRaise Tip – Less is More


One of the big advantages of using a service like FansRaise is that much of the hard stuff is done for you.

We’ve built a system of email templates that you might not even want to look at, let alone edit, that perpetuates your communications to both students and donors alike.

Pertaining to donor emails – we call those “Supporter Requests” – these are the outbound email messages sent from our system to your participants’ contacts that will ask them NOT to donate, but to just simply visit your campaign page.

We prefer brevity – keep it simple and short. There have been lots of studies and reports on the ideal length of sales emails (and that’s exactly what we’re sending for you, because any email asking for SOME action from the recipient is essentially a sales email). This one from marketing firm Boomerang states that emails between 50-125 words tend to have the best response rates.

Simple is also better:

Next, the study showed emails written at a third-grade reading level had the highest response rate. These emails performed 36% better in terms of open rate than those written at a college reading level and boasted a 17% higher response rate than emails composed at a high school reading level. Further, the data suggests that free-flowing, informal emails are best for eliciting a response from recipients.

Our emails are written with this in mind. Simple, clear, and to the point. Once in a while, we encounter a client that is determined to use their lengthy text, and while for the most part the effect might be minimal, it’s risky. 

  • The subject line gets the email OPEN
  • The text body gets the Campaign URL CLICKED
  • The Campaign Page explains the ‘ask’, and gets the DONATION

Trying to reinvent the wheel is not productive. Save the details and the color for the Campaign Page, where additional length is more appropriate. 

Or, just use our templates, because they work extremely well!


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