Your Friday FansRaise Tip – The best campaign is one already launched


This morning, I got up early to take the kids to school. Tonight is homecoming, and the hallways have all been decorated by the various classes at my daughters’ school. Kids were encouraged to arrive early so they could walk around and “take in the sights”.

About 7am this morning, I received an email from the FansRaise system, alerting me that a new organization was asking for permission to use the platform (we screen every Org that comes through to make sure it’s “real”). I recognized this specific band director’s name and I green-lit the group as “Approved”. I finished my coffee and then headed upstairs for a quick show to launch into the day.

When I came back downstairs about 20 minutes later:

  • The director had already put together a pretty awesome campaign page
  • The list of students had been uploaded into the platform (this is key, especially given that groups that closely follow the FansRaise model using students to “own” and propel the campaign raise 417% more money than those that don’t…)


It’s easy to overthink things, and while I am a huge proponent of planning and considering strategy carefully, it hit me that the best campaign is one that is already launched and running.

Minimize delays, move quickly, and LAUNCH. You can edit pages, add elements, and fine-tune things as you go. You can even add student participants after the fact if you’d like to.



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