A THON fundraiser is one of the easiest fundraisers you can do


We’ve seen numerous performing groups do REALLY WELL with “THON Campaigns”. For those that might be unfamiliar, a THON is simply a fundraiser based around some sort of an endurance task, whether it’s a dance marathon, or perhaps tracked steps in a rehearsal block, time spent drumming or spinning color guard flags, etc.

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But there are specific reasons WHY a THON fundraiser works so amazingly well as a crowdfunding campaign:

  1. THON campaigns typically involve a tangible start and end date, which are extremely useful for giving a crowdfunding campaign much-needed structure.
  2. THON campaigns also tend to get a much better participation rate than typical fundraisers, and student engagement is certainly key for getting a crowdfunding campaign to move.
  3. Studies of Donor Psychology tell us that when donors see an effort exchanged for a donation, donations increase along with donor satisfaction
  4. Setting your THON up as an online campaign allows for instant donations, rather than “pledges” that you then need to chase and track down.


And let’s face it – in the performing arts world, you’re probably going to be rehearsing anyway, so turning that practice and preparation time into a much-needed fundraiser makes a lot of sense.

If you’re interested in putting one of these events together, we would love to help. Please reach out to us, or just download this handy/dandy blueprint to get your organization started:



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